3 Reasons Why Your Split AC Not Cooling Enough

Summers are the best season of the year, long sunny days with ease to move around in your favourite t-shirts and shorts. Bright yellow sun shining on your head is the sign of hope, it’s all beautiful. But things can turn ugly if your split AC is not working properly and stops cooling enough.

There can be multiple reasons for your Split AC’s ill working condition, But first, check if your split AC’s fan is set wrongly on your thermostat. Split AC’s fan might be on the wrong setting if you only feel an irregular or no cool air.

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Now Let’s Get to Know 3 Major Reasons Why Your Split AC is Not Cooling Enough:

Split AC’s Evaporator Coil is Frozen

An evaporator coil in your split AC grips heats from the air and allows cool air to flow outwards in the open. If your split AC’s coil is frozen then it is unable to grip warm air. Quickly call in for a professional if you notice a puddle of water around your split AC system. Coil freezing is caused by refrigerant leakage, blocked air filters, or short-cycling which means repeatedly on-and-off cycles of your split AC, this increases your energy bills and reduces life).

Split AC’s Air Filter is Blocked

Your Split AC stops cooling when its air filters are blocked by dust particles, debris, or dander kind of things. The airflow of your split AC becomes limited, making it difficult to cool and cycle back air in the room.

Check your air filters at regular intervals. It needs soap and water to clean it. It’s best to keep it clean for better airflow. If you want a long life for your split AC then never forget to clean your filters. Its best call professionals for all kinds of AC repair work. 

Split AC’s Refrigerant is Leaking

The refrigerant gas inside the air-conditioner is the main substance that turns the copper coil cool. When the air is pass-through these coils, the air becomes cooler. Later the fins trap the moisture and then you get cool breezy air straight outta vent. When the gas is leaking, the coils can not be cooled, as a result, the air won’t get cool. The leakage could be anywhere, only a professional can find and fix it. However, you can look for signs of ac refrigerant leakage. 

  • A hiss or bubble sound is coming during the air-conditioner operation
  • Ice formation over the fins of the indoor panel.
  • No cooling at all.

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