How To Clean Ducts Of Black Mould?

Duct Cleaning Service

If you recently shifted to a new home. Just bought a new office to start your business or have you been living in your homes without even thinking about the quality of air and maintaining your ducts. Most often people think about vacuum duct cleaning but they often forget that ducts can harbour mould infestation too. The moisture and our dead skin cells get trapped in the ducts and provide a breeding ground for black moulds to form.

These are the most common fungal infestation an often require professional duct cleaning services. Moulds can cause serious harm to you and your loved ones. Improper termination or neglecting duct cleaning will cause the fungus to spread around the house. They spread through releasing spores in the air. Spores are very dangerous for people with allergies and asthma. Spores get settled on the walls of the kitchen and the food you eat too.

Duct Cleaning Service
Duct Cleaning Service

Here We Provide You With A Guide For Duct Mould Removal

Materials You Will Be Needing:

1. Detergent or liquid soap
2. Baking Soda
3. A vacuum cleaner with an extendable hose
4. Air Vent brush
5. A microfiber cloth
6. Cordless Drill

Step for Duct Mould Removal:

  • Step 1:

    Remove all the lids and registers from vents. Take a bucket filled with warm water and add some detergent. Use a plain cloth and rinse it with detergent. Now you can wash the registers with the cloth. Rub all the dirt. Walls and floors of ducts should be cleaned with detergent to remove settled dirt and will make it easier for you to remove black mould from the duct.
  • Step 2:

    Since the walls of ducts are dirt-free now add the required amount of Baking Soda to the detergent-water solution. Rinse the cloth and extensively wipe off the places where you see black mould growth. You should keep wiping the mould patches till no presence of mould is seen. Leave it as it is for a while.
  • Step 3:

    Attach the extendable brush to a cordless drill firmly and turn the drill on. Run the brush all over the walls and floors of the duct. The brush will help in duct cleaning and Duct Mould Removal. Keep brushing to remove all the excess trash leftover.
  • Step 4:

    Finishing step is used for final vacuum duct cleaning. The extendable hose should be attached to the vacuum cleaner. Extend the hose to deep inside the ducts and start vacuuming all the dirt and moulds. The strong vacuum will suck away everything that is left in ducts.
Professional Duct Cleaning Service
Professional Duct Cleaning Service

Professional Assistance:

This process of duct cleaning and duct mould removal will sound easy to you but trust us it’s not easy at all. See old and rotten moulds are very stubborn and always and always will spread all around your ducts and vents. Chances are you may not be able to clean your entire house ducts and air vents at all. But Why worry when our company provides the best of the Best Duct Cleaning in Melbourne. Our team of experts uses heavy anti-mold chemicals and products.

Old Moulds and their blackness is removed by special machinery operated by our Ses Duct Cleaning. Duct mould removal is as easy as ABC for us so and our team is best at duct dirt removal too. Hurry up and hire our professional duct cleaning services and live a healthy life.

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