Reasons Behind Improper Functioning Of A/C’s

Reasons Behind Improper Functioning Of A C’s

If you are someone who just cares about switching on or off the AC’s, then you are at the right place. We are here to get your AC back to running. In case you are experiencing improper functioning of AC’s, it may be due to its improper operation. Kindly note that you need to close your windows and doors while your ACs are working. In this article, you will read about some common reasons behind the faulty working of ACs. 

Causes Of Poor Performance Of AC’s 

  • Leaks From Refrigerators 

In case your air conditioner isn’t cooling well, it may be due to less charging or it has leaks. Adding refrigerant isn’t the solution if you have leaks. You need to call Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning & Repair expert that can fix the leak promptly. Trained technicians know how to test the fault and charge the system with refrigerant correctly. Refrigerant leaks are not only harmful to your ACs but also pose serious health problems. 

  • Poor Maintenance 

If you are letting air conditioning coils and filters get dirty then the AC will not work properly. So, it is essential to clean air filters and conditioning coils from time to time. If you fail to do so, then poor maintenance will lead to damage to the fans prematurely. 

  • Sensor Issues

Home air conditioners have a thermostat sensor, situated behind the controlling panel that calculates the air temperature in the evaporator coil. In case that sensor is in poor condition, your AC will constantly work ineffectively. Kindly note that the sensor needs to be close to the coil and not touching it. So, adjust it accordingly, or else call a professional. 

  • Electric Control Damage 

Your air conditioner can face wear out issues with fan controls or compressors. This kind of issue has a high probability of happening when you switch on and off the AC more frequently. This on and off process will corrode the wires and create issues with the proper functioning of ACs. Additionally, it will also increase electricity consumption by air-conditioner

  • Damaged Fan Blades

There may be a problem with fan blades, electrical contacts and compressors. In case your AC is more than 5 years old and switched on and off more often, it needs to be repaired. Yearly services will correct worn out parts and correct them for avoiding any emergency repairs.

  • Drain Problems

In humid conditions, do check out your condensate drain to ensure it is not blocked and is working properly. Room ACs face difficulty draining when the mounted level is not maintained. So, keep a close eye on condensate drains during humid weather. 

Best AC Service
Best AC Service

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